The Breath

Breath is Life

To breathe in a connected and conscious way enhances your life, raises your energy levels and helps to free you from negative thinking. 

Using your breath in this way also helps to release any adverse effects from traumas that may have occurred in your body during your entry into the world.

Liberation Breathing

It is an easy breathing rhythm which anyone can learn. When we take the time to breathe in a consciously connected way a natural process of healing begins in our body. 

This healing process can help us to gently let go of long-held aches, pains and illnesses that may have been caused during our birthing process.

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Pre-verbal Decisions

Liberation Rebirthers believe that, when we were only tiny babies in the womb, we were capable of making conscious choices. The decisions we made back then have helped us to become the functioning people we are today. Some of those decisions would have been life-affirming but some may not have been and may have been adversely affecting us all our lives.

During a session of Liberation breathing, (duration usually 1½ to 2 hours) you are given access to the decisions that you made pre-verbally. These decisions which are stored in the unconscious part of your mind are gently released into your conscious mind. Clients are helped to replace thoughts that no longer serve you, with new and exciting thoughts producing affirmations that enhance your life. 

This revitalising process will help you to live your life with more joy, love, good health and assists you in setting more life-affirming goals.

About Brenda

Her Inspirations

Brenda first became a Rebirther in London in the early 90’s. This was when rebirthing first came to England in a big way. Her teachers are Sondra and Markus Ray. Sondra Ray, who is known as the Mother of Rebirthing, came to teach her Loving Relationships training, as did Bob and Mallie Mandel as well as Rhonda Levand amongst others.

Professional Training

  • An initial four month training and a one year Rebirther Training with the Professional Rebirthing School (1994 - London)
  • Attended and assisted on many Loving Relationships Training weekends. (Most recent May 2017).
  • Attended Sprititual Quests in Glastonbury, Bali and Hungary with Sondra and Markus Ray 2017/2018.
  • Teenager Trainings with Ben Renshaw and Dave Hampton.

Her Motivation

I know how valuable this information is and how important it is to do the work of Liberation Breathing. I want to reach out and assist others to live their life with more ease, pleasure and freedom from bodily pains and discomforts. I want to make a contribution to the liberation and healing of others. 

Other Experience

Brenda has also taught yoga for 27+ years in addition to being a Body Harmony Practitioner. 

Client Testimonials


My sessions have concerned deep questions about myself and I have now put those issues to rest.

The forgiveness affirmations have been wonderful in helping me to let go of issues from the past, giving me new opportunities for my future.

I feel exhilarated from the breathing and new ideas are emerging.


What I have got from my rebirthing sessions is a deeper love, acceptance and connection with my father, and more self-confidence with men in general.

I have more inner strength, peacefulness, calm and love.

I have affirmations that have me positive, focused and creating my life. 

Thank you so much!

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