Sondra and Markus Ray


In the early 90s I heard about a Loving Relationships training weekend in London and I went along. The weekend was being led by an American woman called Sondra Ray. Sondra is one of the original trainees who train directly with Leonard Orr the founder of Rebirthing. Sondra and her husband Markus now travel the globe teaching Loving Relationships Trainings, Spiritual Quests and many other enlightened courses. Markus who was a devotee of Tara Singh is an exponent of the ‘Course in Miracles’ and a Spiritual Artist. He sometimes does his artwork during the trainings if he is moved to.

Over time Sondra & Markus have developed ‘Liberation Breathing’ a process of Rebirthing which helps a person to become liberated from past traumas, ill health, fear, anger, guilt, addictions and much more.

I have been working closely with Sondra & Markus over the last few years and I feel very blessed to know them and to be involved with this wonderful work that they share with the world. It is a privilege for me to have a close relationship with them and to be one of their Liberation Rebirthers.